Friday, April 1, 2011

April fool

It's been one of those weeks.  One of those unnecessarily crazy weeks where I begin to wonder if Alan Funt is playing a big joke on me from beyond the grave.

Bozo and friends

Although there hasn't been one particular event to push me to the edge, there have been a series of small annoyances - death by a thousand cuts, if you will.  If I re-hash every single one, this post will drag on for days, so here are some highlights:
Sleep deprivation brought on by a partner who snores, followed by nights spent sleeping on a couch that is much too small. 
Stumbling around barefoot in the dark to get to said couch, stepping in some well-placed cat barf. 
Discovering there is no hot water and the shower is flooding the downstairs apartment.  Take a day off work to supervise the plumber. 
Every time I turn on a lamp, the bulb burns out.  Are they timed to do this?? 
Captain Snore gets up in the night and knocks my cosmetics into the toilet...then flushes!  When the kitchen tongs prove to be too short to retrieve what's halfway down the drain, someone is forced to use their bare arm...then scrub it with bleach and anything else that will remove that tainted layer of skin.  Go to the hardware store and get a crash course in toilet-augering.  (By the way, the guys at Ace on First Ave and 4th Street are the best!)
Get hit by a car.  Really!  Not serious, but a harrowing experience nonetheless. 

As I see it, there's only one to blame for this bad luck...

Moon over the East Village

Happy Friday, everyone.  Enjoy the snow...