Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter at Mars

I popped into Mars Bar this last Sunday for the new, and possibly last, art show and barbecue.  I was (happily) shocked as I walked in to see the room not only jam-packed, but full of so many people I know.  It struck me then that this is what I'll miss most of all - a place where, at any given time, I can go and find friends and acquaintances, and pick up our conversation right where we previously left off. Some I'd not seen in months, but time flies out the window here and minutes can turn into hours, as a lifetime can slip away inside a fairy hill.

Last Easter at Mars

I think this is the most new art I've ever seen for a show.  Be sure to drop by and check it out - it's a great collection, too much for me to show here (and better to see in person anyway).

Last Easter at Mars

The best work of all, though, was this cake hand-decorated by Marty.


What a masterpiece.  After a couple of hours, it looked like this:


Let's see, we've got beer, money, rib bones, chocolate eggs, matches, plates, a straw...I hear it was pretty tasty, too.

A good time was had by all and it makes me sad to think about losing such an unrestrained, fun and creative place.  The drinks are just a bonus.

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While we're on the subject of Mars
Is there life after Mars?

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