Friday, December 16, 2011


I miss Bob. 

I missed him as I was walking home tonight.  He would understand.  I was at the bar with the regulars and they were all friendly...until they were gone and replaced with strangers who didn't care where they were and why they were there.  Everyone knew my name and then suddenly they didn't and it didn't matter.  I walked home and was jostled by  loudmouths just starting their evening....

Come home to find my cat missing. 


If he wants to live with someone else, he should just say so.

Bob would get it.  Where others just hear complaints, Bob would hear our fear.  Our fear of losing our home. our community, our friend, our family...our lives...Bob would get it.  Even if it was just temporary - some emotional reaction to another asinine Friday night in the EV...

Bob would get it.

And, he'd let it pass, and teach us to let it pass...and tomorrow morning would be a brand new day.