Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fire on East 7th Street

A fire broke out in a tenement on 7th Street and Avenue C this afternoon.  FDNY was on the scene.  At the time of posting, I don't have any details on the fire.

Update:  No one was hurt in this fire and it sounds like it was confined to the roof.

Fire on E 7th St

Fire on E 7th St

Fire on E 7th St

Fire on E 7th St

Fire on E 7th St

See more photos here.


EV Grieve said...

The FDNY was on this in a hurry. Amazing. Glad that it wasn't any worse... these are great photos...

Goggla said...

They had it under control pretty fast, but still so scary...I hope no one was hurt.

one more foldedsunset said...

Oh, that's so strange that we were both right by fires at the same time! I really like the firefighter photographs. As far as I know, no one hurt in the Bklyn fire. A big, toxic smelling cloud of smoke - the fire seemed to be coming from the scrap metal heaps.