Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lower East Side kestrels

I lucked out the other day and spied an entire kestrel family on the Lower East Side.  They nest in a tiny hole in the cornice of a building on Stanton and Clinton Streets.

Here are the two babies:

Baby kestrels


Baby kestrels

While I watched, there was some commotion across the street.  I looked up to see the two kestrel parents chasing a pigeon over the buildings.  The pigeon dove into a hole about two feet over from the babies.  Mama kestrel followed the pigeon and gave it a loud scolding.

Mama kestrel checks out a pigeon hole

Threat averted, the two parents perched on a nearby cell tower to keep an eye on the nest.

Kestrel pair

Mom appears to have lost a tail feather.


Eventually, the drama died down and Pigeon was allowed back on the premises...


See more kestrel photos here.

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