Thursday, October 15, 2015

Kestrelmania 2015 - Part 6

Just when you thought it was over, Kestrelmania 2015 is back!

Governor's Island closed for the season at the end of September and my last visit there was rewarded with a long visit with the resident kestrel family. 


Namely, the adult female:


She put on a show diving for grasshoppers.


And posing with other flying machines.

Kestrel and 'copter

But the highlight came when she decided to settle on a rooftop with 1 World Trade in the background.

Kestrel and 1 World Trade

I spent several weeks with these kestrels, chasing them around the island, feeling lucky to get any shot of them in focus.  So this really made my day.

Kestrel and 1 World Trade

Until next summer....

Kestrel and 1 World Trade

See more kestrel photos on my Flickr page.

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