Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Three's company

The Tompkins Square hawks have 3 eggs!

The last one was laid on April 5, so we can expect to see some baby birds in the first couple of weeks of May.

Here, Christo adds some more material to the nest.

Three eggs!

Photo courtesy of Francois Portmann.

Stay tuned...

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EV Grieve said...

Where are we having the baby shower? (Hawk shower?)

Goggla said...

421 E 6th Street...the hot tub is warming up. :)

J Petrille said...

Holy shit, is this your apartment?

Goggla said...

Ha, no!

New Hawk City said...

Rogerpaw blog (Washington Sq. Park hawk news) led me to this site. How thrilling it is to have more hawks in our fair city! I wish this hawk pair and their babies health.. and rat & pigeon wealth!