Monday, December 30, 2013


I'll say one thing for 2013, and that is I took a lot of photos.  Here are some memories of the East Village from the past year.

Snow on St Mark's:


Madness on E 2nd St:

Can't bear it anymore

There were plenty of suspicious characters in Tompkins Square:

Tompkins Square drone

Street entertainment on 2ndAve:


I gained ten pounds thanks to this place...

Tompkins Square Bagels

...and another ten pounds at my favorite place in the neighborhood:

The Stage Restaurant

Enjoyed a harvest moon:

Hunters moon

Drank a LOT of coffee...

Porto Rico

And, enjoyed a few sunsets.

Christmas sunset

May everyone have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014!

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lessons learned

Two days ago, this juvenile red-tailed hawk went for a giant rat-kill in Tompkins Square, and seemed to fumble its way through the whole ordeal.  With that experience under its belt, it did a much better job today, successfully catching another king rat.

Red tail with giant rat in Tompkins Square

The rat really is gigantic...even the Penske moving guy is impressed.

Red tail with giant rat in Tompkins Square

The whole scene traumatized this girl.  And I love her friend's hoodie...


Yeah, not gonna happen.

Yeah, not gonna happen

All in all, a happy ending for everyone.

Happy ending

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Red letter day

Taking a break from the hawks, I ventured up to Central Park today to get a change of scenery.  As it's winter and the park looks mostly brown and barren, what a surprise it was to come across an area of the park that had so many cardinals, they looked like red apples on the trees.

The males are brilliant scarlet:

Central Park Cardinal

Central Park Cardinal

Central Park Cardinal

And let's not forget the females, who are a bit more camouflaged:

Central Park Cardinal

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Thursday, December 26, 2013


What started as a Mars Bar tribute site is quickly turning into a hawk blog. I can't help it.  Seeing Nature up close and personal in the middle of the city just amazes me.  Besides, the hawks are a lot of fun.

Today's featured juvenile stalked this man for a while, creeping up behind him and watching intently as he tore open a bag of pretzels.  Alas, he wasn't in the mood to share.

Someone is about to be mugged of his pretzels

It then spent a good deal of time swooping around the immediate area, diving off every possible perch.

Red tail in Tompkins Square 

Going for the kill 

Red tail in Tompkins Square

Finally, it made a kill.  I have to say, this was the clumsiest and most unprofessional hawk kill I've ever seen, but this is a juvenile and it's still learning.

It nailed a gigantic rat in some brambles in this stump.  After digging its talons in, the hawk discovered it was stuck, unable to pull the rat out of the tangle.  It also wasn't able to kill the rat right away, so the poor rodent screamed for several minutes while the hawk sat on top of it. 

Red tail with rat in Tompkins Square

It then struggled to drag the rat out and ate most of it on the ground before being able to fly away.

Red tail with rat in Tompkins Square

Red tail with rat in Tompkins Square

The hawk almost seems weighed down by the rat.  Or maybe it just likes to fly low.

Red tail with rat in Tompkins Square 

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tompkins Square Christmas spectacular

Today wasn't my best day photographically, but it's Christmas, so let's overlook the technical short-comings and focus (heh!) on the Tompkins Square hawks, who were in fine form.

As I entered the park, I heard a commotion and looked up above the Christadora to see five crows chasing a hawk.  I couldn't get them all in one frame, but here are three with the hawk, and the second crow from the left has something in its beak.  Maybe they were all fighting over the same stocking-stuffer?

Crows chasing a red-tailed hawk over the Christadora

It just wouldn't be Christmas without a family argument, and here we have an adult (bottom, right) and juvenile tussling over a fence.  I learned the hard way not to keep the camera zoomed in so close.

Hawk fight

I'm not sure who is imitating whom...

Birds of a feather...

...but the hawk would have looked awesome in a Santa hat.

Birds of a feather...

Late afternoon over the chess tables, dinner was served.

Christmas dinner in Tompkins Square

Never to be forgotten.

You are not forgotten

Until next time...

Red-tail soaring over Ave A

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Weekend hawk update

I'm developing a real soft spot for this juvenile red-tailed hawk in Tompkins Square. I've watched it in the park for the last several weeks and am enjoying its antics.

Saturday was a beautiful day for flying...

Red tail in Tompkins Square 

And prancing around on the ground...

Red tail in Tompkins Square

Sunday was a bit lazier - more resting than flying (or killing).  This hawk seems to have a bothersome right foot, which it often pulls up while sitting, as seen here.

Red tail in Tompkins Square

My tongue, let me show you it...

Red tail in Tompkins Square

Whose tree?  MY TREE!


Meanwhile, watching the action from the tree next door...

Watching the hawk action in Tompkins Square

And then there was this...a hawk spirit?


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Friday, December 20, 2013

The color of December

In my mind, December is the month of endless night.  The sun sets before work is done, the only 'sunshine' radiates from sodium street lights.

This is the color of December.

Doyers St





Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Fly across the city
Rise above the land
You can do 'most anything

Now you’re a 21st century man.

-- ELO


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snowy Saturday in Tompkins Square

A little snow didn't deter the hawks from frolicking in the park.  On this say, I saw the familiar adult and juvenile pair.

This is the young'un:

Red tail in the snow

Red tail in the snow

Fluffed up for the cold...

Fluffed up for snow

See you tomorrow!

Red tail in Tompkins Square

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