Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Tompkins Square red-tail chicks are growing up fast

The Tompkins Square Park red-tailed hawk chicks are growing and changing rapidly. Their appearance has changed a lot in the last week, going from fuzzy white nestlings to 'tween' chicks with dark brown wings and tails. The older two are sporting brown heads now, while the youngest still retains a downy face.

This video was taken May 24 and shows the difference between the youngest (in front with the white head) and one of the older siblings. Mom Amelia supervises.

Amelia with two of the chicks:

Later in the day, the parents switched places. The photo below shows Christo in the nest and Amelia coming in for a landing.

After taking the family's lunch order, Christo took off and returned with a bird.

The nest was a little crowded for everyone, and Christo didn't have room to fold back his wings. He got stuck for a few minutes with them hanging over the sides of the nest.

All five hawk heads are visible in this photo if you look close.

Christo is in the front, Amelia is behind him and two chicks are there. The third one is hidden behind the crowd.

Everyone watches dad leave the nest.

These photos are from May 25. 

The youngest is on the left and one of the older chicks is on the right. 

As of this week, two of the chicks have begun branching and exploring the nest tree. More to come...

Friday, May 26, 2023

Chick pics to take you through the long weekend

Memorial Day weekend is here, and Amelia and Christo's kids are growing fast and appear to be doing well. Below are a some highlights from this last week.

May 18:

Two of the three chicks, and Amelia hidden behind leaves on the right.

Having an animated convo...

Christo arrives on the nest. Two chicks are in front of him and the third is partially hidden behind the sticks on the right.

May 21:
One chick watches Amelia take off.

Bye, Mom!


Note the yellowish color on the chick's chest and the brown wings. Their appearance is changing quickly.

A few wing flaps reveal those flight feathers growing in.

Two of the chicks cooperate for the camera, the one on the right not so much.

Note the brown feathers growing in on this chick's head. The other two still have downy white heads, so this nestling is likely the oldest.

Mom feeds two of the chicks.

When the adults leave the nest, there's more room for stretching and flapping.

The next phase should be branching, when the chicks decide to explore the tree branches around the nest. This could now happen at any time.

Monday, May 22, 2023

This week's Tompkins Square hawklet update

The Tompkins Square red-tailed hawk chicks are now just over a month old and they look to be doing well.  They're well-fed and seem relaxed in their aerie overlooking the park.

These photos from May 13 show mom Amelia looking after the nestlings.

Here is a cute clip of one of the nestlings playing with a twig in the nest.
This short clip shows one of the chicks spreading its wings. 

And this clip shows all three just hanging out with mom while the sounds human children playing in the park are heard in the background.
These photos are from May 15.

Check out those pin feathers on the wings!


The photos below are from May 16 and the top one shows Amelia on the nest with one of the chicks.

They're growing fast!

More to come...