Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome to spring!

Pied Piper, originally uploaded by Goggla.
So far, it's been cold, cloudy and drizzly...let's hope this means April will be all sunshine and flowers.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Engine 55

Engine 55, originally uploaded by Goggla.
I've taken many photos of this fire station on E Broome because it's so eye-catching and beautiful. However, I'm never satisfied and I think I know matter at what angle I stand, how far away, or time of day or night, there is no escaping that godawful air-conditioner. It is the big ugly fly on this otherwise appetizing cherry pie of a building.

Spring tease

Towel with a view, originally uploaded by Goggla.
After months of winter, we finally had a brilliant springy weekend. Ah, warm, fleeting butterfly thoughts...washed away with Monday morning rain.

Funny Money

Clown Cash, originally uploaded by Goggla.
It was a few years before I noticed the I can't *not* notice.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Astor Place Rain

Rainstorm, originally uploaded by Goggla.
Most people complain about a rained-out weekend, but I enjoy the storms. Finally, the sidewalk is all mine and I can move through normally crowded streets with ease. In a matter of hours, the city is washed clean, freshened up, ready to start anew.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Ghostbusters were right

Setting the sky on fire, originally uploaded by Goggla.
You can't tell me a building with a gold pyramid roof doesn't have sinister plans...

185 Bowery

Man on the Roof, originally uploaded by Goggla.
I came across this photo of 185 Bowery in my archives. This was taken in July 2006 on one of those hazy humid days. The man on the roof caught my eye this day, but even without him there, this building has always drawn me. The roofline, arch and oval window give this building personality and make it stand out in a sea of boring, ugly, unimaginative boxes (note the ominous grey monstrosity in the background).

So, of course, it's gone. Torn down this week to make way for more gentrified numbness. "Cold is the New Hot" indeed...