Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The bigger they get, the harder they are to see

Things are changing quickly in Tompkins Square Park - since last week, the red-tailed hawk chicks have nearly grown up, and the leaves of the tree that hosts their nest have grown to obscure the view. Although the nestlings are active and flapping their large wings, it's getting harder to see them behind curtains of leaves.

These photos were taken today and you can see how the chicks are nearly full-grown. They have dark brown wings, speckled legs, their tail feathers are growing in, and their eyes are minty green. Their heads are still mostly white and downy.

All three chicks are close together in the nest, but they are easily hidden. It's hard to see all three at once.

What do those beautiful eyes see?

In the photo below, you can see the flight feathers on the wings are almost completely grown in. 

I've not been keeping track of developmental dates this season, but the chicks should start branching soon and, after that, will be ready to fledge.

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