Thursday, March 24, 2022

Barred Owl in Bryant Park

Last week, the first ever Barred Owl was reported in Bryant Park along 42nd Street in Manhattan.

Barred owl in Bryant Park

We've seen Barred Owls before in Manhattan in Central Park, but seeing one in the ultra-urban area alongside the famous New York Public Library building was pretty special.

Barred owl checking us out in Bryant Park
First ever recorded Barred owl in Bryant Park NYC

By the time we saw it, the owl had already been in the park overnight and had been observed catching and eating rodents. Despite the noise of construction equipment, power tools, sirens and traffic, the owl did not appear stressed. In fact, it managed to get some shut-eye most of the time we were there.
Barred owl roosting in Bryant Park

The owl stayed in the park another night before continuing on its journey to parts unknown.
Below is a brief video for more context.

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