Friday, April 14, 2023

2023 Spring Bird Migration - Part 1

Spring migration is underway, bringing us some new birds to observe across the city. Below are some highlights from early in the season.

Pine Warbler:

Although Song Sparrows are generally around all year, their song is a sign of Spring's arrival.

Dark-Eyed Juncos have been with us this winter, but are now moving north to their nesting grounds.

This is not really a migrant, but a very unusual visitor to the east coast. Several weeks ago, this Western Meadowlark appeared in Brooklyn and seems have settled in. They are normally found on the west coast, so it is a mystery how this one ended up here.

It looks very similar to the Eastern Meadowlark, but the prominent white outer tail feathers seen in flight are one distinguishing field mark.

Wading birds like this Snowy Egret are returning north after wintering in warmer areas.

Ducks that have over-wintered in our area are now moving out. This is probably the last sighting of Greater Scaup I'll have here until they return next fall.

Male and female:

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