Friday, June 18, 2010

Cup o' Heaven

There are a lot of great cups of coffee around, but none compare to those I found at the new Caffetteria Soho on Sullivan Street.  When I find a restaurant, bar or shop I like, I usually keep it a secret for fear it will be overrun with crowds and ruined, but I cannot keep this one to myself.  The coffee here is already becoming known as local magic.

The shop just opened this last weekend and is run by Bryan and Aaron, two very friendly and talented brewers.  Their beans are fresh from Blue Bottle Coffee Company of Williamsburg and are used to make some fabulous concoctions such as the Kyoto style drip:

The concoction that blew me away, however, was the New Orleans Iced, shown below on the left (a sample size of the straight black Kyoto is on the right).

Upon taking my first sip, I knew it was amazing, unlike anything I've had before.  The roasted chicory flavor is rich and intense, almost like drinking a piece of semi-sweet black forest cake.

If you're looking for something to guzzle down on your way to a meeting with your parole officer, this is not for you, as it's not cheap.  Ranging from $2.50 for an espresso or drip, up to $3.50 for cappuccino or iced, it's pricier than most.    For a truly wonderful experience, however, this is it.  I sipped my New Orleans Iced all morning, savoring every drop of it, and spent the rest of the day walking around with a smile on my face.  A variety of beans is also available at $8-$12 for an 8oz bag.

This one is worth the splurge...and it's nice to see a small, independent shop open up in a great neighborhood with so much promise.