Friday, October 26, 2012

Everybody panic!

There are reports of a Frankenstorm (Hurricane Sandy) headed this way to destroy us all this weekend.  Is it true, or just a bunch of hype?  Who knows, but better get over to Key Food on Avenue A and buy up all the pork and beans just in case.

As we await the end of the world, let's remember the last time this happened when Hurricane, er...Tropical Storm Irene blew into town.  As I recall, that was one of the best Saturday nights to be in the East Village, as it was blissfully quiet and devoid of the usual obnoxious weekend party people.

Here is some highly dramatic video of the storm pummelling First Avenue that night:

But, seriously folks, be careful out there.  New Yorkers have a history of being too blasé in the face of danger.

Case in point:

Halloween City

Batten down the hatches!