Saturday, August 27, 2011

Preparing for Hurricane Irene in the East Village

Taping up windows around the EV.  Stay safe, everyone!

Salon V



Luke's Lobster

Good luck!

Good luck!

More Hurricane Irene photos can be seen on my Flickr page.


  1. It's funny that so many places have taped up their windows, especially since it doesn't make a difference and only ends up with tape scum afterwards (provided windows have stayed in tact) Fema even says so!

  2. I don't understand the tape thing either. The people in the last photo know what they're doing! Stay safe and please take care of Chillmaster, Goggla!

  3. My favorite is the one at Angelo Lambrou. Very creative. Goggla--glad you were at the ready to help Chillmaster if the situation warranted. You are cool. I am happy to know you.

  4. Aw, the city would be so much less if we lost the Chillmaster! I'm sure his music is what chilled Irene down to a tropical storm. :)


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