Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Chillmaster goes to Coney Island

Here are some shots from this last weekend's Chillmaster Road Trip, which went to Coney Island.

Chillmaster party at Ruby's

Kate & the Chillmaster

At Ruby's with the Chillmaster

The Chillmaster & Marty

Dancing at Ruby's

As always, I love the happy dancing at Ruby's...

See Marty After Dark for more photos!

The Chillmaster, previously.

Ruby's, previously.


  1. Great photos and videos, Goggla! What a fun day and night! So glad that you, Ed and everybody could come along. I wish I had a time machine and I'd go back there right now!

  2. Hurrah - you got that great dancer in the first video! Love these videos & photographs.

  3. YES!! You've immortalized that man's awesome dance!! I LOVE IT! Man, I am going to miss Ruby's so so much. Glad you have these videos to keep some of the memories alive!!