Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sensing a theme

Some images from my weekend...

American ladies

Tackle me

Escort quality, hooker price


  1. I think I see the theme! That billboard cracks me up! Would've loved to have been at that pitch meeting: "I've got it! Let's liken our vodka to whores! And we'll put a goat with a sombrero on it too!" Who are these ad wizards?

  2. @Marty - the billboard cracked me up. Gotta get some wodka!

  3. I think one of those billboards got taken down (Hunts Point?) after public protest. What an ad concept ...

  4. @OMFS - yes, I think the Hunt's Point billboard was taken down shortly after I took the picture.

    And, just to show how bad my eyesight is, I just noticed the one on Bowery and Great Jones this morning. I walk past it twice a day and didn't even see it until now.