Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Farewell to Nice Guy Eddie's

Nice Guy Eddie's

About a week after this photo was taken, Nice Guy Eddie's was dead and unceremoniously gutted.  The future of Chico's Kiss mural remains in question.

I've always liked the intersection of Avenue A and Houston because of its color and somewhat raggedy vibe.  Big changes are in the works for both the NW and NE corners...I will miss this gateway to the East Village.


  1. Very nicely put: " . . . gateway to the East Village." It is, isn't it, more so than other intersections.

  2. Hey there, G.... I hope you do not mind, but I borrowed (and credited) your lovely photo: 

  3. Thanks, Alex.  Just as you were commenting, I was watching Chico paint a new KISS mural on the plywood that's now covering this one.  KISS forever!  Hahaha.