Monday, November 12, 2012

Sandy vs. Jeremy

Down at the Seaport, the mess left behind by Hurricane Sandy is still being cleaned up, and will be for some time.

Hurricane Sandy aftermath

The only business I found open in the area today was Jeremy's Ale House. Jeremy's has always been something of a disaster, so perhaps the flooding didn't make that much difference...and I say this lovingly because I consider it the dive of dives.  So, if you're near the Seaport any time soon, do go in and give them some support.  They're going to need it as it will be quite a while before the neighborhood is rebuilt.

See more photos of Sandy's aftermath here.



  1. I love the giant styrofoam cups of beers there at Jeremy's. That was a highlight of my bar crawl. I hope they're surviving the aftermath of Sandy okay.

  2. I was really surprised to see Jeremy's still standing - of all the seaport businesses, I would have thought it would be the first to keel over, but it is much stronger than we thought!

    The rest of the area, however, is a huge mess. I expect the chain stores to reopen, but I have to wonder about any independently-owned businesses as structural damage seems extensive. Many of the buildings down there are also really old, so I imagine repairing them will be costly. Even the skyscrapers down there have suffered significant damage. The entire area below Wall Street is a jumble of mobile generators, pumps, boilers and other equipment. The air smells of fuel and East River mire. I really do worry about the area - I'm pretty sure the row of buildings along South Street that used to house the fish market will probably have to come down. If you look at the Flickr link (end of the photo set), you can get an idea.

    And this area, as well as the East Village and lower Manhattan, seems to be getting ignored as there are other worse-hit areas, like Staten Island and the Rockaways. Knickerbocker Village, a huge housing complex on the LES, is STILL without power, hot water and heat. I think we'll be feeling the effects of this storm for a very long time.

  3. I didn't notice anything there open. I did spend abut an hour at the museum scrubbing a 19th century wooden printer's type box with a toothbrush.

  4. Ah! I saw people doing that here -

    I felt really terrible walking along Water Street that day and seeing all the personal items on the street/ There was a purple roller skate that got to me for some reason...

  5. one more foldedsunsetNovember 14, 2012 at 7:43 PM

    Yes, it's strange how some areas don't get so much attention in the press, like Sheepshead Bay & Gerritson Beach. The scale of damage is just overwhelming. One bright spot: Sunny's in Red Hook should be open within a week or so - everyone should get down there to welcome them back in business.

  6. I'm around the area frequently. One store I found ironic after Sandy was Superdry. But yes, it's depressing to walk around normally filled with tourists and the Wall Streeters for lunch and happy hours. Hoping South Street Seaport will still be having it's annual Christmas tree and the holiday shops.