Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Christo loses his lunch

Monday saw some unexpected hawk drama in Tompkins Square.

Christo caught a pigeon and took it to the big tree in the middle of the lawn.  Things went downhill from there.

Christo catches a pigeon...

As you can see, the hawk doesn't have a good grip on the pigeon.  It looks like he has it by the tail.

Christo catches a pigeon...

As the pigeon struggled, a small crowd gathered to watch in horror.  One of the spectators thought he saw Christo grab the pigeon in flight, which would explain the bad grip.

Christo catches a pigeon...

This isn't the first time Christo has failed to catch a pigeon properly.

As the pigeon weakened, Christo was able to shift himself to get in a better position.

Christo catches a pigeon...

He started plucking feathers....

Christo catches a pigeon...

But just when things looked really dire for the pigeon, it twisted around and broke free.

Christo catches a pigeon...

As the pigeon flew away, it looked like it might be missing a foot.  It was able to fly to the east side of the dog run where it took shelter under some bushes.  Christo pursued and waited patiently in a nearby tree.  However, after about 20 minutes, the hawk abandoned his post, maybe to come back later for his lunch, maybe not.  Either way, I don't think the pigeon survived the day.

Meanwhile, Dora has been spending a fair amount of time atop St Brigid's on Ave B (she sat up there during the whole pigeon debacle).  Here she is taking a dive from the cross.


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