Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fledgling plays in the Marble Cemetery

Several people have told me they've seen a hawk in the Marble cemetery on 2nd Street this week, so I stopped by this evening to check it out.

Sure enough, a fledgling was there frolicking in the grass.

Fledgling in the Marble Cemetery

The markings on the chest look very different than those on the hawk I saw earlier in the week in Tompkins Square, so I don't believe this is the same bird.  Since the discovery of a dead hawk at Astor Place,* I've been able to confirm two Avenue A hawks are ok.  I have yet to determine whether or not the third sibling is around.

Strutting his/her stuff...

Fledgling strutting in the Marble Cemetery

This hawk was very rambunctious, swooping back and forth across the cemetery and diving from trees, fire escapes, and the surrounding stone walls.  The cemetery is a perfect little playpen for a young hawk, full of fun toys like squirrels, pigeons and sticks.

Here, the fledgling catches a giant one...

Fledgling catches a huge stick in the Marble Cemetery

...then tap-dances on a grave.

Fledgling dancing on a grave in the Marble Cemetery


Fledgling in the Marble Cemetery 


Fledgling in the Marble Cemetery


Fledgling in the Marble Cemetery

The cemetery is a popular sanctuary for hawks.  In March, I posted about a couple of Cooper's hawks who roosted here.

*Update on the necropsy:  I heard it was determined the dead hawk found at 9th Street and 4th Avenue was killed by blunt force trauma.  This is consistent with hitting a window, and I can't help but suspect 51 Astor Place, aka the Death Star, is to blame.

More to come...

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