Sunday, May 12, 2019

Tompkins Square hawk babies stretch their wings

The red-tailed hawk nest in Tompkins Square Park is deep with high sides, so getting a good look at the chicks has been a challenge. They've finally grown enough to be seen fairly well from the ground.

Fuzzy little dinosaur

We can confirm there are two chicks and they are still at the cute fuzzy stage.


Both have been getting exercise, standing up and flapping those little wings.


It's not visible in these photos, but the chick on the left has more pin feathers on its wings, indicating it is likely the older of the two siblings. Otherwise, they look alike.



Mom Amelia is now able to take extended breaks from the nest, giving the kids room to move around. She can keep an eye on them from the cross at St Brigid's church on Avenue B, where she is also vulnerable to mobbing by blue jays.

Amelia and a blue jay

This jay annoyed her while she preened, but she played it cool, doing her best to ignore it. Blue jays, mockingbirds, robins and other smaller birds will often harass the hawks, especially now during nesting season.

Amelia and a blue jay

All is looking good for the Tompkins Square hawks and things seem to be progressing as they should.

Meanwhile, there is some concern over at Washington Square Park about the male (known as Bobby), who has been missing this last week. Roger Paw and Urban Hawks both have posts on the subject. You can tune into the live NYU hawk cam to keep up with the three chicks. I hope they all do well and there is a positive outcome for that hawk family.

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