Monday, August 19, 2019

Late summer Christo sighting

It's late August, which means the local red-tailed hawks are on semi-vacation. It's not unusual to not see them much this time of year, but they are around. Christo and Amelia do not migrate, but stay here to keep control of their territory. During the heat of the day, though, it can be difficult to find them.

On one recent evening, I found Christo hanging out atop St Brigid's church on Avenue B. He's still molting, so he looks a little ragged around the edges, especially above his eyes.


As the sun went down, Christo preened and stretched.


I observed him on the cross for about an hour and he looked thoroughly relaxed.


Just before nightfall, Christo took one last stretch before flying into the park to roost.


Since there hasn't been much recent hawk activity, I've been enjoying watching this live bear cam out of Katmai National Park, Alaska. Watching the bears chill out in a river, waiting for migrating salmon to leap straight into their mouths has been an entertaining way to find relief from the sticky NYC heat.

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