Thursday, February 27, 2020

Christo catches another big one

Tompkins Square Park's resident male red-tailed hawk, Christo, continues to fulfill his duty ridding the park of giant rats. After seeing him grab what I considered a huge rat last week, I saw Christo catch another whopper.

Just after sunset, a rat came out of its burrow behind the restrooms and made the fatal mistake of wandering into a corner where the steps meet the wall. It was literally cornered and Christo made short work nailing it.

Christo catches a big rat

I didn't realize how big the rat was until Christo took to the air.

Christo catches a big rat


Christo catches a big rat

Half a second after taking off, Christo readjusted his grip, holding on to the rat with both talons. You can see the rat is as long as his leg.

Christo catches a big rat

He then sort of folded the rat up, making the bundle easier to carry.

Christo catches a big rat

Christo catches a big rat

He took it up into a big tree nearby.

Christo preparing his rat

After eating his share (the head), Christo called to his mate, Amelia, announcing he had dinner ready.

Christo calling for Amelia to come get her rat

At the time, she was perched on the church at Avenue A and 10th Street, and made no motion to come to him, so he took off to deliver the rat to her.

Christo making a rat delivery

Midway to the church, Christo made a rest stop on a building with the Empire State Building in the background.

Christo with a rat and the Empire State Building

I wonder if any of the people up on the observation deck had any idea of the life-death drama taking place 25 blocks south?

Christo and the Empire State Building

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