Thursday, January 12, 2023

Welcome to 2023, Christo and Amelia!

We're starting the new year right with red-tailed hawks, Christo and Amelia, in Tompkins Square Park. I've been seeing them daily and never get tired of seeing them hanging out together.

Christo and Amelia enjoying some sun together.
Christo and Amelia.

They've been keeping a close watch on their territory as there are still other migrating hawks around.

Amelia and Christo perched on the cross of St Brigid's church.
Amelia and Christo.

Amelia and Christo taking care of business.
Amelia and Christo.

Earlier in the week, the pair was acting a little agitated, flying around together and vocalizing. Christo took up his spot on the roof of the Christodora building and looked back over the park.

Christo on the roof of the Christodora.

It turns out he was watching this young Cooper's hawk as it stalked starlings in a tree.

An immature Copper's hawk stalking birds.

An immature Cooper's hawk stares us down.

It didn't sit still long, as both red-tails flew toward it and the Cooper's was forced to leave.

A bright-eyed Cooper's hawk taking of from a tree.

After driving out the intruder, Amelia took up her perch on the cross of St Nicholas of Myra church on Avenue A.

Queen Amelia on her throne.

Amelia flying against a dark evening sky.

Another day, same cross:

Amelia landing on the cross of St Nicholas of Myra church.

Amelia on a church cross.

Amelia taking off down Avenue A.

This is Amelia on taking off from St Brigid's church on Avenue B on a dreary afternoon.

Amelia taking off from St Brigid's church.

Amelia flying against a dreary sky.

And this is Christo taking off from his flag pole.

Christo takes off from his flag pole.

Christo swooping close overhead.

He dove right over me and caught a rat in some bushes. After taking it to a nearby tree, he quickly gulped it down in 2-3 bites, then flew off to roost for the night.

Christo preparing for his evening meal.

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