Thursday, February 2, 2023

Moonlighting with Christo and Amelia

Earlier this week, Tompkins Square red-tailed hawks, Amelia and Christo, perched on the Christodora building as the moon rose behind them.

Amelia and Christo with the moon rising behind them.

It's always a race against the moon when this situation occurs - as the moon moves, the angle of viewing changes and it can be a challenge to keep the birds visible in front of it. On this day, the hawks were kind enough to sit still for a lengthy period of time.


Amelia with the moon behind her.


Christo with the moon rising behind him.

Christo and the moon.

Christo with the moon behind him.

I took a short video to show how far away I was and the difficulty of photographing at this distance with trees in between. The video shakes because I was shooting at 1365mm without a tripod.

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