Sunday, February 11, 2024

Nestorations in progress for Christo and Amelia

As nesting season gears up for our local red-tailed hawks, Christo and Amelia, they are spending more time in and around Tompkins Square Park.

Here they are the other evening atop the cross of St Nicholas of Myra church on Avenue A.

Christo & Amelia

And this is Amelia checking out conditions of their nest. It appears they'll be using the same location as last year.

Amelia on her nest.

This is Amelia fluffed up in the cold in one of her favorite locust trees.


This is Christo in the same tree, but on a different day.


We should start seeing some courting behavior such as Christo bringing food gifts to Amelia. This is a photo of her chowing down on...something.

Amelia chowing down.

Amelia soared over me, showing off her beautiful wings and form.

Amelia soaring.

The following are some recent photos I didn't get around to posting earlier. This is Amelia being pursued by one of the pesky neighborhood kestrels. This one is a male.

Amelia being chased by a kestrel.

Amelia and a kestrel.

This is Christo looking bright-eyed and alert, no doubt sizing up some potential prey.


I caught him flying around on a gloomy day. Even when the lighting is bad, he looks good.



Finally, this is Christo perched on the cross of St Brigid's church on Avenue B. This is a good place to spot the hawks, as it provides them with a direct view of their nest and territory within the park.


If all goes well, we can expect the hawks to continue working on their nest for the next month or so, and expect eggs some time in March.

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