Saturday, June 29, 2024

Fun with squirrels and a cedar cone

It's just another lazy hot afternoon...

The early summer heat has been taking a toll on this human, but doesn't seem to have affected the Tompkins Square red-tailed hawk fledglings much, although they do spend a lot of time resting in the high shady parts of the trees.

Rest time over, it's time to play.

Here in the city, we don't have much space for exercise, so people and hawks sometimes have to share. As long as everyone stays out of each other's way, it's all good.

The toy of choice today is a cedar cone.

The hawks have already began catching their own prey (at least one has caught a pigeon), so playing with objects helps them strengthen their hunting skills.

All the young hawks want one thing:  Squirrels!

Tompkins squirrels are big, fierce, smart, and extremely agile. Catching one takes real skill, and the fledgling hawks haven't achieved that level yet.  

Some day, there will be a well-earned squirrel meal, but in the mean time, these squirrels rule the park.

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