Press Release 0615

Crony Gallery 
437 East 12 Street #26 
New York NY 10009 

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Laura Goggin 
Christo and Dora: Recent Photographs 

Crony Gallery is pleased to announce "Christo and Dora," an exhibition of photographs by Laura Goggin. Opening reception: Saturday, June 13, 2015 from 4-7.

For the past two years, Laura Goggin has been chronicling the activities of Christo and Dora, a red-tailed hawk couple who reside in the East Village of New York City. Her photographs document not just the activity of these wild birds in the midst of the hectic urban environment, but capture the majesty of their survival through the seasons.

When not following the hawks around the East Village, Goggin makes her downtown rounds, camera at the ready, to capture the nooks and crannies, neglected corridors and shadows. As New Yorker writer Joseph Mitchell once profiled the unheralded common folk, so too does Goggin shine a spotlight on the outlying districts that dignifies the ordinary.

Goggin is a connoisseur of the street documenting the entirety of downtown Manhattan before its disappearance to modernization – though her focus is predominantly on the East Village, whose every garden and park she captures through the seasons. Protests and demonstrations shine on, the fa├žades and architectural remnants of past times are preserved for our gaze, street art lives forever past its municipal expiration date.

Goggin's photographs have been shown in the Museum of the City of New York and have been published in Vogue, DNAinfo, New York Press, Gothamist and several European magazines. She has been profiled in The Villager and the Village Voice. She publishes the blog, Gog in NYC, and her Flickr page preserves thousands of her images, neatly arranged by categories.

An opening reception for Laura Goggin – Christo and Dora: Recent Photographs will take place on Saturday, June 13, 2015 from 4-7.

Crony Gallery is located in the East Village of Manhattan at 437 East 12th Street #26, between First Avenue and Avenue A (it is a fifth-floor walkup).

The gallery is also open by appointment.