Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunday Night at Mars Bar

Mars Bar, originally uploaded by Goggla.
Sigh...the jukebox plays, there's quiet conversation, casual canoodling...Friday was a different boyfriend (what was his name?), Monday is still a million miles away.


  1. Hi Googla, HG here, I wanted to send you an email, but couldn't find any contact addy here. Anyways, I just saw your comment on Grieve's site regarding Manhunter and Tom Noonan.
    I had a similar experience back in 1989. I had just seen the movie recently and was walking out of the old Sugar Reef restaurant when along comes Noonan. Without even thinking, I stepped back into the restaurant and pulled the doors closed behind me as a chill ran through me. It was actually until he passed that I realized that he was in fact just an actor. I felt like such an idiot, but credit to him for what he did with that role.
    A few years ago, I stopped him on the street and retold the tale to him and we both had a laugh.
    Nice site btw, especially nice pix.
    Cheers, HG

  2. That's too funny - I'm glad I'm not the only one who has had a creepy run-in with Noonan. Poor guy, he probably gets a lot of frightened looks.

    I keep hoping he'll turn up in Mars Bar and play Goodbye Horses on the jukebox.