Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eye in the sky

Welcome to my nightmare

I take a photo of something I like in a window. I go home and enlarge the photo, only to see that instead of the object of my affection, there is a reflection of the photographer in its place. To my horror, another camera eye gazes on the scene, only it's not mine...backwards and behind me on the street, he shoots, he snaps, he retreats. Where has he taken my image? Is he at home now looking back at me through the eye that I gaze through now? Blink, blink, blink. Frame it, capture it, hang the trophy on the wall.


  1. nice photo, I along with my twin brother did that sculpture for ilori! I like you interpretation, New York is a dirty city but pays attention to the details.
    We mainly do photoshop now since no one wants to spend money on art.

  2. Hi Michael -

    Amazing work! I loved this sculpture and I have to say I stumbled upon it at just the right time. I'd just been through several rounds of horrific eye surgery and then here was this giant nightmare flower of eyes staring at me from a window. I questioned the sense of humor of the universe at that point, but also loved this piece.

    What is the proper name of the sculpture? I'd like to give you credit and link to your site if you don't mind.