Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Talk to me cuz I'm lonely

Talk to me cuz I'm lonely, originally uploaded by Goggla.
It's amazing how in a city of 8 million, there can be so many who feel alone. At the same time, it's difficult to find places to actually be alone. I can be out swimming through the crowds for an entire day without speaking to a single soul. If no one is there to share the experience, did it really happen?

Meanwhile, somewhere upstairs, a man I've never met sings a song about gettin' no satisfaction.


  1. Beautiful photo, Goggla. The colors on the face and the reflection in the windows are nearly identical.

    It's sad how alone someone can feel in a city with so many people.

  2. Thanks, EVG.

    It seems recently there have been so many reports of people jumping off buildings and in front of's been bothering me. These very public acts shock and surprise people, yet we find out after the fact that these individuals had things going on inside themselves that no one knew about.

    Many of us live such close, compartmentalized lives...bars on the windows are necessary to keep people out, but also serve to keep people in.

  3. What a wonderful (and sad) photo, Goggla. Where is it?

    You are so very talented. I enjoy coming here regularly and see what new nugget of gritty city you've made beautiful.

  4. I always see your posts on VNY and Private Coney. Love your blog, and this photo speaks volumes. Being surrounded by so many people and feeling you have no one to talk to.