Thursday, October 7, 2010

Street fun

Something I love about NYC is its playful childishness.  Amidst traffic, stress, skyscrapers, big business, violent crime, poverty and stinky streets, we have this impish creativity that makes me smile.  Nothing brightens a heavy gray day than rounding a corner to find, say, a crochet bike!

Yarn bike

Or, even more amazing, a car!

Yarn Car

Yarn bike and car

These fabulosities are the work of Olek, a Polish-born artist and crochet queen.

The bike cozies started appearing on Rivington, outside ABC No Rio a few months ago and have spread to the Essex Market, Soho and - I hope - beyond. Catch them before it snows!


  1. we went inside -- HUGE hit with the actual children! (pix here:

  2. @marjorie - nice pics! That toilet is I know how I'm going to redecorate my apartment. :)