Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A few scenes from my commute

As quickly as it came, the snow is almost gone.  I'm kind of glad it's melting so quickly because there's nothing worse than slogging through black sludge.  Anyway, it seems forever since I took these pics, but these are from this morning and yesterday.

Fifth Street, near the 9th Precinct:
5th St & 1st Ave

Just off Great Jones:
Shinbone Alley

An abandoned cab still stuck on Sullivan:
Abandoned cab

And, True Grit.
Downtown Auto


  1. I feel as if I've looked at a thousand photos of the city in the snow this week -- but these are all fresh new views! They're wonderful, goggla.

  2. Thanks, VHM

    I think I was pretty tired of the snow by the time I posted these. I noticed there were no snowmen in TSP yesterday - I wonder if that means others were also tired of the snow or if there was some other reason for not building any. I was hoping the storm would at least give us some snow art.

  3. Well, as a Canadian, I can certainly relate to snow fatigue. One does stop seeing the beauty in a very short time indeed. Nice photos all the same - I was away for the storm and it's so interesting to come back and see the city transformed in such a familiar (for me) way.