Thursday, January 20, 2011

Something Red

As we prepare for another snow storm tonight, I am looking ahead to hunkering down with a book this weekend in my cozy apartment.  At the top of my reading list is Something Red, an adventure novel set in one of the coldest winters of 13th century England.  The book is worth reading, not only for the engaging story, but for the beautiful prose style of  author, Douglas Nicholas. 

One reviewer on Amazon says Nicholas [creates his fictional world] "using a sort of jeweled precise terminology that is catnip for scholars and for crossword puzzle freaks, and that made me wish Nabokov were still alive to read it."  I have to say Nabokov came to mind when I began reading the book as the attentive descriptiveness makes me believe I am there, traveling the terrain right alongside the main characters, able to taste the snow in the air and feel the icy chill right through my bones.

So, get out the blanket and fuzzy slippers, put on a pot of coffee, and settle in.  You can get a start reading the first chapter here.

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