Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday is fun day

Green-clad drinkers weren't the only ones out having fun on St Patrick's Day.  One of the Tompkins Square Park hawks seemed to enjoy him/herself a bit more than usual on this pre-Spring Sunday.

After a lunch of pigeon, followed by an hour sitting in the Hare Krishna tree watching a soccer game, this hawk pursued a mouse in the grass and then seemed to get downright silly.

After chasing the mouse around a tree, the hawk tore into some daffodils...

Hawk vs daffodil

Then hopped around in the grass, kicking up clods of dirt...

Tompkins Square Park

And finally, flinging sticks into the air...

Who's up for a game of catch?

Hawk vs stick

I'm told the hawk is too young to be building a nest, so I can't explain its behavior.  To a layperson, it looked like the hawk was just having a whole lot of fun.

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  1. Ha! These are great photos.

  2. that is nest building behavior... if the RTHwak is that young, then it is practising.


  3. Wilding in the park! That last shot is ADORABLE!