Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ho-hum hawk week

It's been a rather boring week for hawk-watching, so I don't really have any exciting updates on Christo and Dora.

We are getting close to hatch time, which I'm guessing will be around May 1 (place your bets!).  We won't be able to see the hatchlings from the street, but we should know that something has happened when Christo suddenly becomes a food delivery maniac.  Until then, he is giving Dora breaks throughout the day.

After unsuccessfully looking for him in Tompkins Square Tuesday evening, I just happened to see him leaving the nest as I was on my way home.  You can just see Dora on top of the air-conditioner.

Christo leaves Dora up in the nest

Christo flew north on Avenue A to the park.  That was around 7pm, so I didn't follow as it was getting too dark.

Christo leaves Dora up in the nest

Earlier in the week, on Sunday, I caught him partaking in Endless Pigeon Brunch on Avenue A & St Mark's.

Christo plucks a pigeon

A sparrow looks on...

A sparrow watches Christo pluck a pigeon

After a few minutes, Christo took off and flew the left-overs up to the cross of the Most Holy Redeemer church on E 3rd Street.

Christo with a pigeon

He was only on the cross for about a minute before taking off again, empty-taloned.  My assumption is he left the food up there for Dora.

And, by chance, I spotted Dora atop the Christodora late one evening just as the sun set.


She rested up there for quite some time before making a beeline back to the nest on Avenue A.


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  1. Ok, my bet is April 29th, although I have never won a bet in my life.... tick tock!