Thursday, March 24, 2016

Quiet hawk week in Tompkins Square

It's certain now that hawks Christo and Dora have eggs in their nest.  Dora is in the nest most of the time and she and Christo do nest-switches every once in a while.

When Dora emerges, she stretches like someone who's been on a long flight in coach.  She doesn't stray too far from the nest, though.  Here she is perched atop the cross of St Brigid's church, which is right across the street from the nest.  From up there, she can likely see straight into it.

Dora taking a break from the nest

Dora taking a break from the nest

Dora taking a break from the nest

After weeks of manic mating and nest-building, Christo seems to be taking advantage of the momentary lull in activity.  Here, he enjoys an evening visit to the bird spa bath.

Bath time for Christo

He then takes in a little hunting from a low branch behind the park offices.


Something catches his eye...

Christo eyes a potential meal


Hawk food

After about twenty minutes of rat-gazing, Christo decided to try his luck in another part of the park, so we parted ways.

Christo at dusk

Christo at dusk

Christo at dusk

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