Monday, May 16, 2016

Tompkins Square hawk nest update

It's been just over three weeks since the hawk eggs hatched in Tompkins Square, and now the babies are clearly visible when they peek over the edge of the nest.


Like father, like...

Dad Christo keeps watch while one of the youngsters flaps its wings.

Like father, like...

This last weekend, I was able to see two of the three nestlings.  The third is either still too short or too shy.

Two of three baby hawks

And we have pin feathers!

Show us your pin feathers!

Here is some video of two of the chicks bobbing around while Christo stands guard.

At one point, Dora posed next to her masterpiece (she built up the base of the nest all on her own).  You can really see how tall/deep the nest is.  I'm guessing they must have a basement rec room in there.

Dora and her masterpiece

Later, Dad and Mom took a break in the nearby honey locust.

Christo & Dora

After complaining in an earlier post that I don't often see much of Dora, I was happy to see her out and about on this afternoon.  She can really strike a pose.


And despite being behind a curtain of foliage, she can still watch me like

Dora coming through the jungle

Soaring past one of her favorite hangouts, St Brigid's church.


Note:  Now that the baby hawks are big enough to look over the edge of the nest, they're showering the pathway below with their excrement.  You may want to pack an umbrella when walking in this area.

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