Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hawklets go exploring

The Tompkins Square hawklets continue to go exploring outside the nest, otherwise known as 'branching'. 

Below, one of them climbs out on a branch while one of its siblings sits in the nest.

Branching hawklets

Meanwhile, another sibling explores the other side of the tree.

Exploring the tree

This evening, all three kids practiced flapping...

Three siblings

...and jumping...

Hawklet branching

Someone is movin' on up...

Hawklet branching

Just as the last of the sun was setting on the ginkgo that hosts the nest, one of the hawklets made a giant leap by making its way to the west side of the tree, which was about 10-15 feet from the nest.

Hawklet goes exploring

There was a lot of wind and a loud helicopter hovering overhead, but the little explorer seemed content to gaze out over the park.  Because the nest is on the other side of the tree, it's possible this was the first time this hawk had seen this side of the world.

Hawklet goes exploring

There's so much to see...!

Hawklet goes exploring

After about 15 minutes, the hawk 'flew' from its perch back to the nest.  All the while, mom Dora was watching from the cross at St Brigid's across the street, looking beautiful as ever.



Urban Hawks has some nice photos from this week, as well as video of the hawks branching.

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