Thursday, April 13, 2017

Feeding Dora

Dora is spending the majority of her time and energy sitting on eggs in her nest in Tompkins Square.  Her brood patch is clearly visible on her chest.



As Dora is tied up with nest duty, Christo is responsible for feeding the both of them.  On Monday, he caught a lunchtime rat next to the men's restroom.

Christo with a rat

Michael Jackson's Billie Jean was blaring from a boombox just a few feet away, but that didn't seem to affect the hunt. 

Christo with a rat

Christo flew the rat up to the nest where he passed it off to Dora. 

Dora takes a rat from Christo

The hawks don't eat in the nest (one way to keep it clean), so Dora took her meal to a nearby tree.

Dora takes a rat away to eat

Dora with a rat

Christo usually eats the head, but for some reason, he left this one for Dora.  She ravenously consumed it in one gulp.

Dora eats a rat head

After Christo's shift at the nest was over, he flew behind the park offices to relax in the bird bath.

Christo takes a bath

There are two bird baths, but one has been knocked over (vandalism?), so all the birds have to share just one.  While Christo took a 20-minute bath, all the other birds had to wait their turn.

Clean and refreshed, Christo struck a regal pose.  He's king of the park.


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