Monday, April 2, 2018

Tompkins hawk drama, Christo and Dora are ok

I've spent the last several days in Tompkins Square with the hawks, so haven't had a chance to go home and process my photos yet.  There was some hawk drama in the park today when Dora fought off an intruding red-tail.  Details can be found over at EV Grieve.  Looking at the photos, I can say the intruding hawk was not Braucha/Nora.

Hawk fights do sometimes happen.  Photographer Susan Kirby has photos and video of one such scuffle in Central Park back in December, which you can see here.

This is just a short post to say Dora won the fight and she's doing ok.  When I left the park tonight around 7:45pm, she was in the nest and Christo was roosting in a tree.  Here she is earlier in the day confronting a squirrel.

I'll post updates from this last weekend soon.

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