Monday, April 22, 2019

Happy Earth Day! Hatch time in Tompkins Square

Good news! The Tompkins Square hawks have had at least one hatch over the weekend.

I believe a hatch started or occurred on Saturday, April 20. The behavior of parents, Christo and Amelia changed that day - she kept fussing around in the nest and sitting up higher, indicating something was going on underneath her. Christo also made two food deliveries to the nest.  There had been a heavy rainfall the night before, and Christo brought in several pieces of bark, possibly to create a new dry layer in the nest.

This evening, I watched Christo again deliver food to the nest, but it was raining, so Amelia was reluctant to get up.

Meanwhile, the Washington Square Park hawks have had a hatch and you can watch the nest activity on the live NYU hawk cam. For more details and updates on the Washington Square hawk family, check out Roger Paw's blog.

Stay tuned!

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