Monday, April 8, 2019

Pigeon: it's what's for dinner

Red-tails, Christo and Amelia, are still brooding eggs in Tompkins Square and everything seems to be going as it should. I'm estimating hatching should happen in the next couple of weeks.

In the mean time, there's not much hawk activity to see except when they trade off shifts on the nest. Below, Amelia soars over me on her way to stretch her wings and get some dinner.


Dinner was previously prepared and delivered by Christo, who caught a white pigeon.

Christo with dinner delivery

Before delivering the pigeon, Christo took the front half for himself, saving Amelia the meaty bits.

It's what's for dinner

He left dinner on a branch for Amelia to pick up while he took over brooding the eggs. Below, Amelia pauses before tucking into her meal.


A little stretch first:

Amelia stretching

Fanning her beautiful tail:

Amelia waggles her tiny little talons...April fools!

Outside the park, there are still some young red-tails around, such as this one seen in Stuyvesant Town. Judging by its bulging crop, it recently ate a big meal.

Immature red-tail

And with spring bird migration under way, there are more small birds passing through the area, like this cute little Chipping Sparrow that was foraging on the lawn in Tompkins Square.

Chipping Sparrow

To plan for the best time to see spring migrants, check out Birdcast, which uses radar and weather information to predict bird movements across the continent.

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