Monday, March 23, 2020

Bird cams and courses to amuse while stuck at home

As many of us are now stuck at home for the foreseeable future, cabin fever can set in pretty fast.

One great way to bring Nature indoors is to tune into live webcams. There are webcams for just about everything on the internet, but I've listed a few below that feature birds that are currently sitting on eggs, have chicks or show some type of activity.

NYU Red-tailed Hawks Washington Square Park, currently brooding.
Cornell Red-tailed Hawks Ithaca, New York, currently brooding.
Northeast Florida Eagles Two eaglets named Jules and Romy occupy the nest.
Southwest Florida Eagles Currently brooding.
Decorah, Iowa, Eagles Currently brooding.
Decorah North Eagles Currently brooding.
West End Bald Eagles Catalina Island, California, Currently brooding.
Two Harbors Bald Eagles Catalina Island, California, Currently brooding.
Sarasota, Florida, Ospreys Two chicks recently hatched.
Savannah, Georgia, Ospreys Currently brooding.
California Condor Sanctuary Big Sur, California.
Royal Albatross Otago Peninsula, New Zealand (17 hours ahead of us in NY). Albatross chick on nest.
Bermuda Cahows/Petrels Nonsuch Island. Chick in burrow.
Hummingbird La Verne, California. Chick in nest.
Great-Horned Owls Charlo, Montana. Possible hatch.
Long-Eared Owls Missoula, Montana.
Mississippi River Flyway Brice Prairie, Wisconsin.
Ontario Bird Feeder

This one is not birds, but can be very soothing!
Blue Spring Manatees Blue Spring State Park, Florida.

 If you're looking to learn more about birds, check out the online courses Cornell University has to offer. They vary in length and topic, and are beneficial to all ages.
Cornell Bird Academy

Similarly, the recently-launched Birds of the World is a wonderfully expansive resource for all bird species across the globe. You could spend all day reading up on just about any bird you can think of. The site is subscription-based, but there is free content as well.
Birds of the World

 American Tree Swallow on Governors Island

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