Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Quick update on Tompkins Square red-tails, Christo & Amelia

This is just a quick check-in with East Village red-tails, Christo and Amelia. There hasn't been much notable activity recently, but raptor migration is underway, so we should be seeing more hawks in the area from now through winter. Christo and Amelia have been staying around the neighborhood since their fledgling embarked on its own migratory journey in late summer, and now they're making sure their territory is secure against intruding raptors.
I didn't have my bird lens when I caught up with the pair Tuesday evening on Avenue A, so had to make due with my little point-and-shoot camera. In the photo below, Amelia is perched on top and Christo is on the right.
Amelia always impresses me with her size. She's larger than Christo and may be the largest red-tail I've encountered.
After a quick fly-about, Amelia returned and perched on the left side of the cross.
As I feel I've taken the same boring photo of the hawks on this cross a thousand times, here are some videos to liven things up:
As raptor migration is underway across the city, keep an eye out for immature red-tails and Cooper's hawks in our area.

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