Monday, December 6, 2021

Recent hawks around town

There isn't much to report on local East Village Red-Tailed hawks, Christo and Amelia, just yet. We saw them both today in the neighborhood as they visited a few of their favorite perches, but nothing really exciting has been going on with them recently. 

That isn't to say there aren't other hawks around - we've seen many Red-Tails, Cooper's and Red-Shouldered hawks around the city over the last few weeks.

This immature Red-Tail flew low over our heads one cloudy afternoon in Queens.

Yesterday, we caught sight of another immature Red-Tail soaring with gulls high over Brooklyn.

A crow went after the hawk, diving at it and nipping at its wings.

Yet another immature Red-Tail endured bullying from a crow.

The hawk tried chasing after the crow a few times.

But, the tables kept turning and the crow was more agile and able to chase the hawk.

The crow had a buddy who joined in on the action. The remarkable thing was none of the birds made a sound. The entire altercation took place in silence.

We don't encounter Red-Shouldered hawks too often in the city, so it was exciting to find this adult chilling in the Bronx.

Finally, this immature Cooper's hawk greeted us as we entered Central Park on Thanksgiving Day. We are thankful, indeed!

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