Monday, May 9, 2022

Spring Bird Migration 2022 - Part 1

Spring bird migration is well underway across NYC and a great variety of colorful travelers are stopping in to rest and refuel at our urban green spaces. Below are a few highlights seen around town so far.

Yellow-rumped warbler:
Yellow-rumped warbler

Yellow-rumped warbler

Palm warbler:
Palm warbler

Palm warbler

Northern parula:
Northern parula

Northern parula

Blue-gray gnatcatcher:
Blue-gray gnatcatcher

Rose-breasted grosbeak:

Rough-winged swallow:
Rough-winged swallow

Field sparrow:
Field sparrow

Chipping sparrow:
Chipping sparrow

Eastern towhee:
Eastern towhee

Check out BirdCast for current information about bird migration that is useful for planning bird-watching excursions. You can also enter your city/area on the Migration Dashboard to see how many birds are passing through, and get an idea of what species are expected to be migrating.

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