Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Three chicks for Christo and Amelia

Tompkins Square red-tailed hawks, Christo and Amelia, have three chicks this year. We tried all of last week to capture some video, but Urban Hawks has done a better job, which you can check out here.

The first hatch was April 17, but we were not able to see any of the nestlings until April 25. A second chick was seen April 27, and the third on April 30. They are still very small and difficult to observe.

Two of the three:

Red-tailed hawk nestlings in Tompkins Square Park

Mom Amelia serves up dinner:

Mom feeds hawk chick

Red-tailed hawk Amelia feeds her chick

Amelia feeds her chick

Dinner time for hawk chick in Tompkins Square

Hawk mom feeds her chicks

This marks the third year in a row the hawk pair has hatched three chicks. All three survived to fledge in 2020, but we lost two of the three in 2021. Fingers crossed all goes well for them this year.

This seems like a good time to re-post this information about who to contact in case of a hawk emergency. This page is also linked in the sidebar of this website.

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